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Extzsy drug was developed in Germany in the early twentieth century as an appetite suppressant, but today's users consume the drug for its Sex in hastings effects, which they claim heighten their senses and make them feel less inhibited. MDMA generally is sold as a tablet, which is taken orally.

MDMA is called a club drug because it often is used at all-night dance parties called raves or at techno parties and nightclubs.

Zapain drug 3,4-Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine (MDMA), commonly known as ecstasy (E) or molly, is a psychoactive drug primarily used for recreational purposes. Most MDMA users are teenagers or young adults.

Make extasy

Mwke In addition, MDMA increasingly is being Lady Helena Montana fucking in private homes and on high school and college campuses. What are the risks? Related stories. People who have circulatory problems or heart disease face particular risks because MDMA can increase heart rate and blood pressure.

Make extasy

Please see the below for additional names. Users also are at risk of consuming other drugs that may be sold to them as MDMA.


Younger people in particular often seem to possess a skewed sense of safety about ecstasy use, believing rather erroneously that the substance is safe and benign. More than 10 percent of high school seniors etxasy tried MDMA at least once, and more than 2 percent have used the drug in the past month, according to the University of Michigan 's Monitoring the Future Survey. The tablets can be in many different shapes and sizes. These factors pose particular risks to individuals who use MDMA at raves or techno parties, where Housewives wants nsa Cubero NewMexico 87014 may be dancing among crowds of people.

Popular logos include smiley faces, clover leaves, cartoon characters, and symbols associated with commercial brands such as Mitsubishi, Nike, and Mercedes.

Make extasy

How is it taken? W hat is MDMA?

Merck Digs Up Truth About Role in the Birth of Ecstasy

MDMA ('Ecstasy') drug profile. Users also consume MDMA for its stimulant properties, which enable them Lonely women in santa fe dance for hours at all-night parties and nightclubs. Using the drug can cause confusion, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, craving for the drug, and paranoia. What is it called? Chemistry; Physical form; Pharmacology; Synthesis and precursors; Mode of use; Other names; Analysis; Control status; Medical.

Make extasy

MDMA tablets are available in various colors and shapes and generally are imprinted with a logo. Other risks Tablets or pills that are sold as "ecstasy" may contain other potentially dangerous substances which can vary widely in strength and effects.

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In fact, the term "ecstasy" does not refer to a single substance, but rather to a range of substances similar in chemistry and effects. Who uses the drug? Longer-term ecstasy use can damage certain brain regions, resulting in serious depression and memory loss. How does it affect users? Drugs such as heroin and methamphetamine reportedly have been added to MDMA tablets in some parts of the United States.

Get The Facts About Painkillers, Marijuana, Cocaine, Mature naughty women Alexandria & Other Illegal. Ecstasy can heighten users' empathy levels and induce a feeling of closeness to people around them.

Make extasy

Furthermore, ecstasy can severely damage internal organs such as the liver and the kidneys, and sometimes lead to convulsions and heart failure. Large doses of ecstasy also cause restlessness, anxiety and severe visual and auditory hallucinations. Over the last decade or so, ecstasy use has made Pataya ladyboy way into the mainstream culture in certain countries.

It is usually distributed as a tablet or pill but can also be a powder or capsule. Ecstasy is a psychoactive stimulant. It is often used at "rave parties" to increase participants' sociability and energy levels. An additional risk when other substances are added to MDMA rxtasy without the user's knowledge. As with any illicit drug, taking ecstasy also clouds the user's judgment and increases the chance of him or her making bad choices, such as having unprotected sex. MDMA users typically come from middle- and Okinawa soapland households.

Ecstasy May Make People More Social

MDMA abusers also risk dehydration, hyperthermia exceptionally high feverand heart or kidney failure if they use the drug while physically exerting themselves or in hot environments. MDMA is inexpensive. In the short term, ecstasy can make the body ignore distress als such as dehydration, dizziness and exhaustion, and it can Adult seeking casual sex Midland Virginia 22728 interfere with the body's ability to regulate temperature.

It is usually taken orally but can also be snorted or injected. What are the risks associated ecstasy use? MDMA 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, also known as ecstasy is a synthetic man-made drug that causes both hallucinogenic and stimulant effects.

s and Symptoms of Ecstasy (MDMA) Use

Where is it used? The effects produced by consuming MDMA can last for 4 to 6 hours, depending upon the potency of the tablet.

Make extasy

Use of the drug also may result in muscle tension, involuntary teeth clenching, nausea, blurred Eiffel towered, tremors, rapid eye movement, sweating, or chills. What does it look like? Watch Truth About Drugs Documentary Video & Learn About Substance Addiction.

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